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For years, we, Ali Taran Creative Workshop, or ATCW, have been working within the framework of our own unique way of looking at work, which can also be called
'Ali Taran Style'.


We have a working discipline based on observing people socially and individually, knowing their emotions, behaviors, customs and traditions, and treating them as assumptions. For us, this discipline is the pillar of the professionalism of creative thinking and finding creative results.


For us, creativity is the means and functionality is the end.


We have the ability to quickly and efficiently evaluate the process of finding new, different and valuable functionalities with the ability and experience of asking the right questions, understanding correctly, assimilating correctly, thinking correctly.


We ensure that we create privilege by finding the absolute difference and that the communication is not instantaneous but turns into an investment for the advertiser.


We see the advertiser as a partner rather than a customer and we work as closely and intertwined with the advertiser as an 'In House Agency'. Because of this characteristic, we go so far as to suggest a new product, a new model, a new price or even a new brand to the advertiser when they are not even thinking about it.


We are an advertising agency consisting of advertisers who have absorbed, adopted, experienced and professionalized the values mentioned above.


We mostly work in Zoom-Office, and when needed, we are at our place, the Agency.


1. Ali Taran.jpg

As an advertising thinker who is fully committed to the principle of honesty first and creativity second, I have been creating the right strategy and finding the right and functional idea to make a difference. For 50 years.

2. Beyza Taran.jpg

After almost 20 years of Special Projects Management and Media Group Corporate Communications Responsibility, I have been working at ATCW, creating new partners and projects, human resources management and financial responsibility. For 8 years.

7. Mehtap Özdemir.jpg

I work both in the process of finding the right and functional idea and making a difference, and in the process of production and implementation, I manage the budgetary and temporal aspects between ATCW, its partners and
3rd parties. For 26 years.

9. Devrim Erdoğan.jpg

Within the framework of the right strategy created, I design and build the most suitable, most original and of course the most functional fixed and moving visual solutions, sometimes at the computer, sometimes at the laptop, sometimes with paper and pencil, by contributing to the discovery of the creative idea in many ways. For 27 years.

3. Argun Atlıhan.jpg

I do the work of collecting, compiling, observing, controlling and ensuring continuity in the writing, design and implementation stages by assimilating creative ideas formed in the light of the right strategies. For 5 years.


I do the work of determining the brand's problem, building the creative strategy to solve this problem, and finding the right and effective idea in line with the built creative strategy. For 17 years.

8. Şeyma Şimşir.jpg

I do the work of thinking, designing and implementing the right and functional visual solutions required by the needs during the implementation of the strategies and related creative ideas. For 10 years.

6. İrem Koca.jpg

It is my job to manage the digital journeys that are formed by the creation and implementation of digital-specific applications without breaking away from the whole, within the framework drawn by the right strategies and creative main ideas based on it, and the relations with the Agency's clients, sorry, partners. For 6 years.

4. Ayşe Topçu.jpg

I produce, design, implement and adapt the necessary visual solutions according to the needs in line with the main ideas that emerge in the extension of the determined strategies. For 27 years.



Akat Mahallesi 5. Gazeteciler Sitesi
Hare Sokak No: 17  34335 Levent
Beşiktaş / İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

Do not send ideas, scenarios, etc.

Tel: +90 212 270 86 00

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