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Clarification Text on the Use of Cookies on Our Site

This Information text regarding the use of "cookies" on our site aims to fulfill our obligation to inform within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law and the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles to be Followed in Fulfilling the Notification Obligation.


Obtained through small text files ("Cookies") transmitted to your hard drive by the website server during your visit and use of our website; Your personal data in such categories as the browser used, IP address, your internet connection, information about your site usage, the operating system on your computer and similar categories, to enable our website to function properly, to be visited and to benefit from its features, to be able to move information between pages on our website and to eliminate the need to re-enter information, it is processed for the purposes of providing information society services, personalized advertising/marketing activities, and making our site more functional by analyzing its performance.


Your personal data obtained through our website and related digital communication platforms, have been collected in whole or in part, by automatic means, since it is clearly stipulated by law, since the processing of your personal data is necessary for the continuation of the legal relationship that may be established between us, since data processing is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of the right of communication and you have given your explicit consent related to legal reasons.

Thank you.

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